Thursday, July 30, 2009

In the (knitting) groove

I've been a bit a busy knitter this week. I've managed to whip up a hat and a scarf in my free time. And I've started on a pair of socks. Yes, those socks. The ones for my mom that keep frustrating me every time I pick up the needles. No pictures of that yet, but I'm only 1/4 inch into the ribbing on the first sock. But something feels different this time. Maybe this pattern really is meant to be.

The hat is for an intern at work. She's dating the brother of one of my bestest friends and she's become a friend of mine over the last couple of months. So as a "Here, I think you're cool so I'm knitting you a present" present, I made a hat. I used the Baroness pattern from Ravelry. Its a free pattern (and you know I'm a fan of those!) and its really easy. I probably only have a bout 4 or 5 hours in it. And that's while watching TV. CSI, to be exact, and I get a little distracted by Grissom. So it might have taken me a little longer than normal.

Anywho.... here it is...



As for the scarf, I took a photo, but haven't had a chance to upload it. 'Tis a simple seed stitch scarf. But I used Misti Alpaca in the most gorgeous shade of red. I made it for my Aunt Sarah. She's the last of the "I'm a knitter now so I have to knit everyone I know a scarf" people. I finally have that out of my system. And it only took 2 years.


Mary said...

Great hat! Love the decreases.

Stephanie said...

Why thankyou!