Friday, November 14, 2008

I have KPADD

Knitting Pattern Attention Deficit Disorder.

Since frogging my cardigan, I've embarked on a number of new projects. Ok, that's not completely honest. I embark on a number of new projects all the time. At a much faster rate than I finish said projects. However, in the last few days I've managed to finish a few. I have a new slouchy Le Slouch (pattern is on Ravelry and Knit and Tonic's fab blog) a pair of Fetching Fingerless Mittens to match a hat I received in a knitting exchange and I'm almost done with a new hat Mary inspired me to do. Felicity had a couple of false starts, but I'm well on my way through now. A few increase rows and then the decrease rows before finally binding off and I shall have a new hat.

Which begs the question, why the new obsession with hats? I have curly hair and am very susceptible to hat hair. That and it really doesn't get "cold" in Alabama. Not real cold like my Yankee friends have. It cools off. And we might get a light dusting of snow once every few years that melts after a few brief hours on the grass. But as for REAL cold weather, doesn't really happen around here. I guess its my need to finish something, ANYTHING. Frogging that sweater was a bit of a traumatic experience. And I needed some instant gratification. So, I can justify all of this, at least to myself, while staring at the pile of yarn that is destined to become blanket squares for yet another exchange. (I wonder why those easy, 10"-by-10" squares don't hold the same level of instant gratification these other projects have. They're much easier and much smaller really. Could it be that I'm being selfish with my knitting and keeping it all to myself?? Eh, probably. Note to Self: Tonight, you MUST knit blanket squares.)

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Shanny said...

I love the instant gratification of hats - never mind the fact that I too live in a warm climate. As long as there are people you can pawn your projects off on, there will always be a need to knit more hats.