Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yippee skippee

I talked to my friend KH last night. She used to live a couple of hours away from me, but then she moved to Chicago. She has moved back in this direction, but is still several hours away. Anywho, about a year ago I made her a scarf and some fingerless mittens to wear up in the Land O' Yankees. She mentioned then that the folks she worked with were jealous of them and wanted some of their own. That was the last I'd heard of them. I wasn't sure if she still used them or not. But last night she mentioned that she really needed to wash them because they were dirty since she wears them all the time. But she didn't know if they were machine washable. I explained they weren't but told her I'd send her some new ones that were. It really made me feel good to know that she was still using them, that she appreciated them that much.

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Shanny said...

it's the best feeling when your knits are actually worn! My in-laws have a tendency to place every hand knit item I give them in a safe place and never use them. I'm starting to train then that they won't wreck stuff it they use 'em, and if they do, so what - I can always make another.